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Dark Web Bomb Threat Service: Man Sentenced To Ten Years In Jail

Dark Web Bomb Threat Service: Man Sentenced To Ten Years In Jail

Dark Web Bomb Threat Service: Man Sentenced To Ten Years In Jail

A 20 year old Israeli man has been sentenced to 10 years behind the bars having accused of threatening several Jewish Community Centres across the United States. His identity was not released officially at the time of his 2017 arrest, although it was revealed that the individual does have dual U.S. Israel citizenship. The individual has been named as Michael Kadar named in the U.S. indictments. He was charged with several crimes in Israel that includes extortion, money laundering and disseminating the hoaxes in a bid to spread the panic. As per the court documents, Kadar ran a service on the dark web where the customers could pay him to communicate threats to the targeted organizations ( Darknet Bomb Threat Service). The documents particularly mentioned the now defunct dark web market, AlphaBay. The court has stated that Kadar had made over 100 calls to the airlines and airports across the globe that led to various emergency landings as well as the fighter planes scrambling to respond to the threats.

The darknet bomb threat service that Kadar made were not limited to the airplanes or the airlines. But, he also targeted malls, the police stations and hospitals in various countries that include Denmark, Britain, Australia, the United States, Norway and several others. The threats of Kadar against Jewish Community Centers led the media to label him the “JCC Bomb Hoaxer.” His threats did include children as well. Kadar has earned a substantial amount of money through his services to make threats. Allegedly he earned nearly a quarter million dollars worth of the Bitcoin by offering these services on the dark web. All of the services by Kadar used to run on the AlphaBay dark web market. In 2016 and 2017, the accused have made over 2,000 threats through the phone and email.