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Darknet Sourced Opioids Sale Leads To Imprisonment For 23 Years

Darknet Sourced Opioids Sale Leads To Imprisonment For 23 Years

Darknet Sourced Opioids Sale Leads To Imprisonment For 23 Years

Darknet Sourced Opioids: An NY darknet drug dealer and his co-partner were arrested in the end of last year who were found guilty against conspiracy to possess having intention to distribute, U-47700 along with at least 100 grams of the furanyl fentanyl. The lead accused was 31 years old Robert Ian Thatcher of Elmira and his co-partner in the activities was Maximillan Sams who managed the daily activities of their drugs that involved the large scale manufacturing of Opioids in the southern part of the New York and North of Pennsylvania. Their operation continued for two years from 2015 to 2017.

The accused imported a large quantity of U-47700 and furanyl fentanyl from the darknet sources in China. They used the darknet marketplaces to establish contact with their suppliers. They also engaged a lot of people and their addresses in order to receive their package safely avoiding the attention of law enforcement.

To assist them in the production of large scale Opioid pills, Thatcher and Sams acquired mechanical tableting machines, microcrystalline cellulose, powdered food colouring and lactose magnesium stearate. The darknet sourced Opioids pills bore blue colour and resembled the Percocet pills. Due to the fact that the accused were not professionals in the field of chemistry, thus, they ended up manufacturing drugs of low standard to gain quick money. As a result of this two individuals lost their lives while another one have overdosed themselves.

On October in the year 2016, Sams used a person named Prettyman to transport 5,300 pills. On the same day, the law enforcement from the Iredell County of North Carolina organized a traffic stop on the vehicle that was driven by Prettyman. The police seized the drugs that were being transported and arrested the driver. This isn’t the only case but there are many more.