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Dark Web Hitmen For Hire : England's Murder Suspect Pleaded Guilty

Murder Suspect from England Pleaded Guilty of His Search for Hitmen on the Dark Web

Dark Web Hitmen For Hire : England's Murder Suspect Pleaded Guilty

Hitmen For Hire: An English pharmacist from Middlebrough has been accused of murder charges after the death of his wife. The 36 year old accused, Mitesh Patel has been accused of reportedly using the dark web before the murder happened proved as per the witness testimony that was recently presented in the court. The suspect’s wife, Jessica Patel of 34 years old died at their home in May and the death was due to the suffocation and strangulation. It was also known that the couple were co-owners of Roman Road Pharmacy. The Cleveland Police force disclosed that the post mortem revealed that Jessica bore several injuries before she died.

As per the court-obtained information, Mitesh had known about the dark web from Sam Hornby (17 years age) working as a part-time employee at their pharmacy. It is learnt from Hornby that Mitesh had taken down notes on how to access the dark web while at home. A dark web page that he came up with facilitates hitmen for hire, drugs, guns and as well as illegal films. Amongst all the links, only one link worked that gave him information and contained details on counterfeit money. Hornby stated that he had no ill intentions and were just exploring the dark web out of curiosity. They even searched on suicide and insulin.

There was some sort of unusual behaviour of the convicted other than his interest on the dark web. One of them is the frequent use of the dating apps which was not known to his wife, Jessica. Rajneet Khanda working at Patel’s pharmacy furnished the court with witness testimony saying that on the very day of Jessica’s death, Mitesh was acting very strangely. When Mitesh returned pharmacy at 7:40 pm, his neck had three scratch marks that looked fresh and that Jessica had left the pharmacy 40 minutes earlier.